Bali Swimming Lessons

Guest Testimonial

Jodi Smith
Jodi Smith

Chris taught our 4 yo and 6yo swimming lessons on a recent holiday to Bali. Following 4 lessons our 4 yo who had previously refused to put her head on the water was able to jump in the pool, float on her front, float on her back with assistance, glide 2- 3m with head in water and voluntarily dive under water to retrieve objects. Our 6yo learnt how to breathe properly under water, swim 5m plus, tread water. Chris focussed on water safety. Chris was great with the kids getting the best out of our highly distractable 6yo and stubborn 4yo. Thanks very much Chris.

Adina and Mario
Adina And Mario

We took classes with Chris for our 6 months old baby. Chris is a great teacher and good with kids. He showed us all the things we can teach our baby to make her feel comfortable, safe, and to enjoy her time in the water. It gave us the confidence to go on teaching her how to get used to the water. We look forward to using these teaching techniques where ever we go with our baby! Thanks Chris!!